Tiga – Non Stop (2012) [Mixed Album]

Tras más de 5 años sin hacer un Mix-LP, Tiga vuelve con “Non Stop”, el álbum incluye un par de nuevos temas del canadiense, “Plush” y “The Picture”, así como un adelanto de “Track City Bitch”, material para su próximo trabajo.

“Non Stop” está compuesto por 28 temas de artistas como Aphex Twin, Clouds, Marco Carola o Blawan, así como el Mix continuo que hoy os dejo.

“It’s been ages since my last mix CD, and there are plenty of reasons why. Fans tackling me in the streets and demanding I finally deliver the Rattle & Hum of beatmatched music compilations. Wading through an endless sea of technological options before finally settling on laser-cut MP3s. But, most importantly, the delay owes to my complexity and curiosity as a selector and openly eclectic human being. They call me The Seeker, and not just because of my tireless search for a better nickname.

This is the first mix I’ve done that embodies the ethic of “Tempos Without Borders”, starting out around 108 BPM before ultimately arriving at 126, the mythical “Golden Rectangle” of tempos. In addition to marking the debut of my latest single, “Plush” (co-produced with Matthew Dear), the CD also features a ton of exclusives from my label, Turbo Recordings, making it a crystal ball through which you can glimpse the music-encrusted future I call now. -Tiga”


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